A new report from the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC), “Preparing United States Critical Infrastructure for Today’s Evolving Water Crises,” offers a wide range of recommendations aimed at enhancing the security of our nation’s critical water infrastructure.

America’s water companies have long advocated for many of the recommendations and applaud NIAC for recognizing the important role the private sector can and should play in ensuring our nation has secure and resilient water infrastructure.

From increasing access to federal funds and offering a permanent water affordability program to creating a national water strategy to address challenges and greater coordination at the federal level, implementing these recommendations will be beneficial to all Americans regardless of whether they are served by a municipal water provider or by a private water company.

The bottom line is that NIAC, made up of neutral experts tasked with protecting the public and the future security of our country, agree that removing barriers to privatization will be beneficial to the water industry. We applaud this and stand ready to continue our work to make these recommendations a reality.